Pale Winged Poetess

Do you loathe and sing
My worlds a mess
Would you be mine
My pale winged poetess

North Carolina blue
Falls around you like a whisper
Allow the roses to wither
The black bird calls without sound
Come hither
Love is due to come back when ground thaws
Oh Melissa, Melissa

The bloody tongue honed
Like licking honey from thorn
You've been warned
But it's nothing like being shown
You've become lovely
I see you unclothed
Please take my hand in poem

Do you loathe and sing
My worlds a mess
Would you be mine
My pale winged poetess

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I can only thank you poetically...........


'You Flatter Me Thus'.....
in great gauzy waves
mastering words to champion
the focus of my gaze
how charming you seem
with pen poised to line
the mighty sword's blood
gives flow to
your ink's rhythmic rhyme
whether sorcerer of verse
or mere gentleman of wit
how can I find fault with
such an enthused poem writ
merriment like mermaids
I must admit
danced about my
up turned twitching lips
as I read and re read
your sonnet
painting for me
such a glossy mental pic
of a fellow who
appeared from my
critique and profile
nearly word smitten
that a poem for me he
smiling tongue in cheek
all the while
using my monicker
he knew I could not miss
that such word structure
he constructed for but
my own private
pleasure's bliss
but what you could not
know dear sir
with your semi-love struck
pen is
as I smiled and I read
it was your Come Hither
that drew mine eye
closest to your page's
thumping grip
two words
I myself
have so fondly
over the decades
been so utterly
smitten with
they hail from the
classic 'Jane Eyre'
and there again
reading your poem
my mind gently slipped
so thank you kind sir
for penning your
magical allure
for as best as i can say
you gave this poetess
a glimpse
of a heaven like scene
all a blur..................
(Sept 1, 2011 601pm)

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I'm very happy you found your

I'm very happy you found your poem. Smiling madly in fact.

Moncies A. Franco

palewingedpoetess's picture

Just smiling madly?

and not really mad? laughs if so I'm glad...........

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Hey you out there,
Stay clear and far away,
From the Pale Winged Poetess,
I have made quite a mess
Of those who dare mess
With the Pale Winged Poetess.
I will strip you bare
And wrench off your nuts
Even before you feel
The pain of that stress.
I will leave you impotent
And crawling on the streets
Like a badly beaten donkey
For even daring to think
That you can mess
With the Pale Winged Poetess.
Read about me
You good for nothing bum
You Bugs Bunny Jack Ass
I can knock you flat
And make you a skeleton
With your flesh hanging
When you undress
Alone in the night
While admiring your shrunk balls
And your limping crotch
Ere you climb and jump
In your own mad regress...
You dare not even mention
If you want to be safe and well
About Melissa Lundeen
The Pale Winged Poetess.
I have fought and beaten
More than 300 fools
Pray that you do not get
To be very next.
I am the Bad Ass
So just stay away from
The Pale Winged Poetess.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.