My Little Mermaid

tears of the sea

brushing your features

fastened to mermaids

attached to love

orbiting memory

eclipsing reality

breathing under water

underside of reflection

seeing who watches

never watched by who sees

bathing your sadness

salting its kisses

crying high tide

riding dolphins...

walking in wishes

to you

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Jack Williams's picture

Hey Moncies, I am amazed with your skilled but thoughtful writing in poems. When I read this poem, I can imagine myself being a person in the fantasy world but somehow connected to the reality world.

I admire your writings... keep up the good work! I always eager to read your latest poem! :)

Know what, man... I'm visiting St.Louis after Thanksgiving for Haiku show somewhere in downtown. I remember you told me that you moved there. I would love to tag you along and listen to our haikus.