Here's a heart that's torn

Did you remember me?

Do you still know me?

Am I supposed to be

there every night,

and miss you every day?

There's so much I could say.

I don't need someone to forsake me in that way.

There's a love you gave.

Didn't know you'd become its slave.

And it hurts to watch you misbehave.

If I pained you...

If I blamed you...

Forgive me because it never has changed you.

Is the joke on me still?

Am I the biggest fool?

Did you pretend for me?

Do you adore me?

Would you keep on

being fake for me?

Is it your glory,

or your beauty

that you have over me?

There's a love I gave.

Didn't know I'd become its slave.

Does it hurt you to watch me misbehave?

If I hurt you...

Or do my words just flirt with you?

Was it worth it?

Am I weak?

There are more words,

But you were never the one to let me speak.

And if I tell you,

am I the biggest fool?

Is the joke still on me?

There's a love we gave.

Didn't know we'd become its slave.

I know it hurts as we misbehave.

If these words defamed  you...

If this melody unchained you...

I know

because I lost me when I gained you.

Your kisses never felt as cold before.

And they don't show no more.

There's a look you gave

on your ice cold face.

I'm not your charity case.

Here's a heart that's torn.

And your lies can swarm,

around and round.

Because its in my hand...

as love falls to the ground

There's a love we never forgave.

Didn't know we would both enslave.

Some of us never see how we behave.

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vilmazab's picture

a forgiving heart is not easy to tear, so why don't you try to just make it heal...thanks for sharing, lovely poem.