When I wake up, there you are.

My feelings are befuddled and I wonder,

Do I care anymore?

Your hand lies across my stomach.

It’s far too warm for my tastes,

I’m too bitter now.

I push away the covers and look at you.

You’re still asleep and I consider,

The uses of my pillow.

I think about smothering you.

I could push the fabric against your face,

But it is worth it?

Deciding not, I head to the bathroom.

I wash my face and take a pee,

I care for one more day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Been a while since I've written anything, I found this site again though and felt the need to relive my teenage angst :P  If I make any more poems this year maybe I'll make another folder...

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metaphorist's picture

Wow. There is something about the tone of this poem. Just leaves the reader feeling very numb. Well done!