(She Series - 7) Fallen


With her eyes focused on the gleaming horizon that stretched out towards infinity, the young woman thought about the lives she had destroyed.  As she contemplated all the love that her touch had withered, her toes curled around the cold marble ledge that she stood on.  A bitter wind whispered around her as if her frozen heart had managed to reach out and pollute the very air she breathed.  Murmurs floated up slowly and reminded her of the ocean; wave after wave of inaudible words too alien to translate yet pure enough to soothe.  She spread her arms out and let the breeze dance between her fingertips.  Finally closing her eyes, shutting out the horizon that beckoned to her, she cleared her mind.  She emptied out all the hate, the lust, the sin... And simply let a silken emptiness settle itself deeply within her mind, body and soul.  For a moment, she found peace.

The peace she found filled her until she felt her flesh would tear from the pressure of its uncontainable essence.  The weight was unbearable yet alluring.  Hypnotized by the enigmatic emotions that seethed inside of her, she leaned forward.  Arms outstretched, she soared through the ocean of murmurs and screams and clouds and freedom.  She sped headfirst toward the horizon that seemed so unattainable mere moments ago...Within seconds she was home.  The peace was gone and for a second it was replaced with regret; regret and sadness.  But that too faded quickly and soon the voices caressed what little remained of her broken being, and she at last felt complete.  She was home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eh.... work inspires boredom?

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Karyn Indursky's picture

If boredom inspired this poem, you should get bored more often. Great write.