What makes you sick


If I were an angel

You'd rip off my wings

Toss me from Heaven.

Who cares what the future brings...

If I were your lover

You'd kill me at night

Burn me to ashes

But I'm not worth the fight...

If I were your daughter

You'd give me away

Leave me outside

I've got your sins to pay...

If I were a friend

You'd quickly stab my back

Push me away

I have nothing you lack...

If I were you

You'd kill yourself quick

Slit both your wrists

I do nothing, but make you sick.

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Michael Kittel's picture

I love this poem! And I figured since you were nice enough to sign my guestbook oh-so-long-ago, that I'd put out some effort too. Thanks for reading my 'poetry', and thanks for letting me read yours.

Hannah Clarke's picture

hiya, i know u dont know me but i was reading a few of your poems and i think you are a fantastic poet, i especially love this one i think its amazing.. i can realy relate to your writing. well done xxx

Exit Music's picture

my e-mail address was incorrect; however, it wont likely matter...


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if i were you i'd smile now and again because if i did, maybe more people would smile back...

it's amazing that the deepest and smartest people are the ones who have the most intense thoughts.

i enjoy this poem very much; continue writing and you will one day change the (someone's) world.

thank you for reading this and letting me read yours,