Bless the Dead


Walking down the street I saw

A mother, father and their daughter

All were wearing robes and held signs

Walking closer I noticed...

"Behold, Behold, your God is dead"

I winced at them as I looked

They looked so clean, but so dismal

God was dead for them...

Further still I saw a man,

Crippled and covered in filth

He held a can, it shook as I past

Tossing a five to him, he smiled and said

"God bless."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was just thinking one day... How certain social standings can really effect how people view life.

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Megan Hooper's picture

It's very amazing how people's social status changes their take on life. I've noticed it myself. It's definately interesting.

I like this poem a lot. simple yet wonderful.

Gary Mills's picture

Who knows the face of god? This is awesome, I wanted so badly to comment on Abyss but honored your wishes. Some days we write for us. Thank you for sharing your talent. This is, as all of your work has been so far... breathtakingly beautiful.

saiom's picture

Dee this is a very beautiful poem and reminds
me of Zipruanna, a great saint of India, who only
accepts as students those not dismayed by the junk
yard in which he takes residence