Because I'll Never Be Happy


Can I scream at you?

Can I let my hateful words penetrate your ears?

You listen, and I go on

I'll never be finished

Because I'll never be happy

Because I'm too selfish

Because I pity myself too much

Because I don't think I'm a good person

Because I have low self esteem

Because my parents loved me

Because it's unconditional

But I'll never be happy...

Maybe I don't want to be happy

Because complaining makes me feel better

Because I like getting pity

Because I want to feel special

Because that makes me happy

But I'll never be happy...

Because I'm stuck in an endless circle

Of trying to be happy

By staying unhappy

And I can't break this loop

Because I don't want to

Because I'll never be happy

Because this is my life

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AstralDoor (Phreak) Underloud's picture

I love you, lol, I've been waiting to write this for so long, but the way you put it kills all the ones I've wrote. Thanx for the great poetry. I feel the same way as this poem. keep writing, you have so many good poems hun ^_^