Yucky Romance Story


It was a horrible evening...  The rain poured down non-stop outside and thunder shook the humble house.  Molly sat on the cold leather couch alone and looked out the window as the rain sluiced down the glass.  The power had gone out an hour ago, and there were no batteries for the flashlight, so there she sat in the darkness with nobody around.  Her parents had also left for the weekend and after having broken up with her boyfriend, she couldn't expect anybody to come spend time with her right now.  With a rather sad sigh, she slid off the couch and looked around.  Her watch said it was only 9:50, but since there was nothing else to do, she decided to go to bed.  Just as she was about to head towards the stairs, there came a knock at the door.

"Who would be out at this hour...and during this sort of weather...?" She said quietly to herself as she looked at the door.  She didn't want to open it, being alone and female...she knew the horrible stories on the news about rape and such.  Who ever was at the door knocked again, and she heard her name called faintly through the wood.  She immediatly recognized the voice as her friend Scott.  Rushing to the door she quickly unlocked it and opened it up for him.  

With an almost bashful smile, there stood her best friend in the whole world.  Scott's hair was plastered to his forehead and his clothes were completely soaked from the rain.  On his back was a bookbag, also drenched.

"Scott!  What are you doing here? And why out in this weather?!  Hurry and get inside before you catch a cold!!"

"H-- Hey Molly" He said with a bright smile as he was ushered inside the house.  She almost hugged him, but he held her gently back to keep her from getting wet.

"You still have my change of clothes Moll?"  He asked as she almost glowed with happiness at his company.

"Of course!  Up in my room, the usual place."

He nodded and set the bookbag down on the floor by the door

"What's in the bag?" She asked curiously

"Just some things...Don't worry 'bout it"


After he changed and came back down, Molly sat on the couch waiting for him as he got the bag.  Sitting on the couch with her, he opened it up and pulled out some candles.  Molly smiled and bit her lower lip at his thoughtfulness.  The storm outside raged on and thunder cracked again.

"Thanks Scott..."

"Hey..what are friends for?"

He lit the candles and sat back, giving her a sideways glance.  The candles put such a beautiful glow on her skin...He sighed to himself and looked away again.

"I uhh...Brought some wine too...I figured we could drink a little and hang out since you were all alone."

Molly was speechless as she watched him pull out a bottle of wine...and not anything cheap either.  She was suddenly stricken by a feeling she had never felt around him before.  As she watched, she began to realize how cute he really was to her.  His thick black hair fell against his forehead and ears, still partially wet, but quickly drying in the warm house.  His eyebrow ring reflected the light of the candle a bit, and she could only look away, somewhat afraid of what she was feeling, and even more afraid that he wouldn't feel the same.

Scott poured two glasses of wine and handed her one.  The rain got just a little harder,

"It's umm...Really coming down out there huh?"

"Yeah...It's sorta nice though...When you have somebody to share it with."

Scott looked at her and noticed that she was blushing, and also avoiding his eyes.  He wondered what she was thinking...For the last few years, he had developed the most passionate feelings for her, yet only stayed her best friend because she didn't like him that way.  He was wondering if maybe she...No...No it couldn't be that.

"Hey Molly..."

"Yes?"  She looked up quickly, almost too quickly she thought...God she didn't want to look stupid infront of him.  What was she thinking? Why did she want to impress him so much...She only liked him as a friend...Right?  The two friends looked at eachother quietly in the candle light, the sound of rain so melodic and...well...romantic.

"I umm...I'm sorry if I intruded or--"

"Oh god no Scott!" She interupted quickly, "You didn't at all...It was a very nice surprise that you came over...Very nice.  I mean...I was really lonely, and with the storm and all...I'm just...Just really glad you're here."

Without really knowing what he was doing, Scott suddenly leaned in closer to her, and kissed her cheek softly.  It wasn't the first time he had done that of course, but for some reason...This time it just seemed...Different.  Molly seemed equally effected by the action because she quickly looked away blushing.  Her head was bent down, letting her hair hide her face from him.  Still not sure of why he was doing this, Scott reached over and set his glass down, then with his hand he reached up to Molly and very delicately pushed her hair back behind her ear.  She lifted her head up a little and looked into his eyes.  What was going on here?  Before she knew it, their lips were locked in the most tender and passionate kiss she had ever experienced in the whole of her life.  One of his hands was now pressed to her cheek, holding her head gently as his lips remained locked with her own.  

The entire situation was exilerating and before she knew it, Molly found her arms wrapped around his waist, grasping at him.  She had never felt a need this powerful for anybody before.  Her heart was beating at full force, but she didn't care...All she wanted right now was to be close to him.

The two of them had been friends forever, since elementary school.  He had always been there for her, and she had always been there for him.  And now, he was there for her when she needed somebody most, and suddenly he seemed so much more important...She was in love with him, yet had never realized it until now.  Molly had to tell him how she felt, before she could do so though, she felt something said against her lips...

"I love you Molly..." Scott couldn't hold back those long withheld words any more.  He had loved her for so long, and ever other person she ever held was another stab to his heart.  But now he had her, in his arms, against his body...this was everything he had ever wanted.  When he felt the same words spoken in reply against his own flesh, he felt as if his heart would explode from the happiness and passion within him.  Having her so close was his only desire, and to have her acctually express such feelings towards him was beyond his range of desire...he could not even respond to her except press his lips more firmly against her own.  God he would do anything for this girl, and she loved him...she acctually loved him.  Nothing could ruin this moment...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blah...Yeah, so i was in the mood to write this shit...lemme alone

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Nice love if you can find it . . . yet hard to find. Real? Who could tell? Thanks for the opportunity to read.