Above in the Heavens

Poetry by friends

The Stars,

They laugh in silent mirth ,

At the events that take place on planet Earth.

Love and hate, greed and lust,

The stars they laugh ,

Because they hurt.

Cast to the heavens,

Fate is so cruel,

The guardians watch,

And provide for the fools…

Who take life for granted,

That is the greatest of sins.

For the stars in the heavens,

Have but only one life,

Punishment handed down,

From an earlier slight.

So don’t be fooled

As you gaze at the stars,

Would that they could

They would hurt you or worse,

For the stars are perhaps the most

Jealous of sorts…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Ari

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lovely job
on this one .

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great work
on this one .