Who We Are

Poetry by friends

We are the ones who stand out the most,

We keep to our selves and never will boast.

Atleast that's me in my own ways,

I steer from the flow whenever it sways.

It must be I and not a we,

I'm alone to myself and I can't see.

Show me one of my own kind,

Curious thoughts casted to the shadows of my mind.

I sit around doing nothing,

Waiting to see me or maybe somthing.

I should really give up on searching for me,

I've been lost and gone wherever that may be.

Searching for somone exactly the same,

Is meaningless in this big swindle of a game.

This game being one filled with love and strife,

No other game like it this game is Life.

"Give up this search" in the back of my head,

Wondering where it came from, or what was said.

I open my eyes and see millons of me,

This whole game was nothing but a key.

The key opening my eyes for the very first time,

Seeing emotion in everyone of them being mimed.

This thing called life, I gave up the game,

From patron to patron we're one in the same.

Foolish to beileve I was alone on this earth,

Given my uniqueness ever since birth.

So we may not look alike or have differant styles,

But are emotions are the same, for miles and miles.

So I'm finally alive and my faith now proven,

We are all one, because we are human.

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Written by Marc

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