Poetry by friends

I bring to you the hope of the new light,

A world and place where there is no need for fright.

Give up my life for the satisfaction of you all,

Make a new start as the ruins fall.

Swept away all the sins and misfortunes to start new,

Where we're all the same, no chirstians nor jews.

All live together with one new found savior,

Live your life to the fullest and take it as a favor.

Your smiles and tears show me you believed in I,

But there is always one that will be led to a wry.

He shall cast the first stone against my creation,

Destroy my new world it make it his demonstration.

Show us they can't be perfect and all will be undone,

Prove his declaration to evil and destroy the only son.

I know my mistake and sacrifice for the better cause,

I'll put an end to this mistake, a perminent pause.

All will be stopped and I'll past judgement on thee,

I will redo everything and do what was meant to be.

Leave those who are bad and those who are good,

Let them believe and do what they should.

For creation of perfection could never come true,

My life is given no matter who feels blue.

They keep me in their hearts and know I did good,

Being their savior is my job, and I did what I should.

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Written by Marc

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