Everybody Knows


In this ideal society, everybody knows everything...

From the smallest child knowing that mommy really is wrong and that she shouldn't hit me

To the oldest adult knowing that everyone younger is niave about the entire worlds workings

Everybody knows what they like and what they hate, yet they all know what is right and wrong

They all know where others will go after death and they all know that killing for THIER god is right

The world rotates around the sun and the moon around the earth, we know this

Everybody knows why other people should die and others should live

Everybody knows that hypocracy is wrong...And they all know that others should quit using it

They all know that an ideal society will never exist because they all know that the government is screwing us over in some way shape or form...they know

And Everybody Knows why those people who can't provide for themselves need to quit crying and get off their lazy asses to work...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blah, bored and a dumb song made me-- don't tell me it sucks, i know

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Jewel Anderson's picture

the "flow" gets weird at the end but...
feel free to check my stuff out.

Mike G Gaines's picture

hmm actually isnt it the way that we live in a idealic society created by the goverment and former generations. a idealic life that everyone wants to live except for a few that can see the fake in it all the scam. i say fuck the idealic society i will never be a part of it at least