Burning Abyss


~Don't let these gentle waves slip from your fingers~

This abyss...this black hole

Consuming everything I ever knew

A universal epidemic

swallowed into nothing

Ruins of cremated lilies

Layed down upon a desecrated temple

Worship these lost memories...

Crumbled arches shadow a bloody dove

As the setting sun slowly dies within

The arms of our mother

A lonely serpent dies below a willow

With only an ebony butterfly for company...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please do not critique this...I don't care how stupid it may sound to anybody else, but I wrote this with so much feeling that it's almost painful.  Almost every word I used in here is a symbol of sorts, and it may not make sense to some...but it has meaning to me, and I think that is all that matters in poetry...

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Jason Alencewicz's picture

I know you said not to critique,but I really enjoyed this. The imagery and the feeling you get makes you feel the melancholy intent. very amazing