To Him Whom I Adore:


Just his scent awakens me,

My passions from within. The

Mere thought of his touch

Almost pushes me to sin. To

Stay away is agony, and

Near him is such bliss.

I wish to be inside his

Arms and feel his tender

Kiss. Please dear God, if

You can hear my desperate

Plea for love, please send

Him to my open heart, sweet

Savior from above.

--Thanks for the inspiration Mike

--Hope everything works out between you and Val

--Much love to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's sad when the person you love, doesn't love you in return.  But I still hope for him to be happy.

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Allie Renar's picture

i know how it is when you love someone.. and they do not return your love. the worst part is knowing you truly care, because you want them to be happy..even if you arent.

Robert Wilson's picture

Dee, I think I told you before about how I admire your fluent style and the directness of your honesty. A couple of nit-picky typos in this one. sent ---> scent and To Him "Whom" I adore (it's the object of the verb "adore"). I read your poems and wish I had met someone like you when I was younger. :o)

Rebecca Moore's picture

I can relate to this one an extent...It's really sweet none the less...Though I can't read more of your work at the moment, I will be back.