I turned on my TV and what do I see

Those dumb televangelists preaching to me

Would God really send me his words through these dorks

Sometimes I just wanna stab them all with forks

They sit on their thrones, and speak to the poor

They collect so much money for their rich marble floor

For their big golden jewels and their stupid VIPS

For their even bigger buildings, they just rip up more trees

Can God really see this, does He sit there and laugh

Those stupid little nitwits proud of their 'craft'

Do people really follow them?  Those 'ministers' with pink hair

What about the audience, do they just sit and stare?

They wear too much make-up, and have tacky clothes

They have pimpish suits and runs in their hose

How could people believe that God speaks through clowns

Those annoying televangelists with their lavishing gowns

With their gold and their silver, and gemstones galore

Speaking so loudly to the weak and the poor

I tell you it pisses me off when I see

Such dumb televangelists preaching to me

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jpike's picture

This was a funny poem I really liked and and I also really dont like those loud mouth dorks

Positively affecting others is the best way to be infectus 

this_is_life's picture

HAHAHAHAHA! I just have to say that was the funniest(and truthful) poem I've ever read! I loved it!

jgupta's picture

I just discovered you. I am angry at myself that I did not so earlier. You are tooooo... good for words. Fantastic sense of humour. Enjoyed the flow to hit direct at the double standards.

Carey Burnside's picture

Awesome poem!!! I completely understand it, it has such wonderful form and I think it's really great that you feel the same as I do because these frauds are so fake it's ridiculous!!! Really good topic!!!


poetvg's picture

beautiful work .

deborah russell's picture

Great poem and honest...makes me wonder how any poor soul could be swindled into giving them all their property and money for "salvation". I've heard it said salvation is free for the asking.

Edwin Robinette's picture

I agree with some of this, tho there are some legit ones out there, but not many. I wonder if they have stained glass in their Rolls Royces! LOL I enjoyed the humor in this!