My Perfect Man


The darkest eyes, the darkest hair

The palest skin around his stare

Tall, and lean, but never bulkey

Nice and sweety, and never sulkey

With instruments, he plays the best

With poetry, he surpasses the rest

He's never cruel and never fussy

He'd never leave me for some hussy

Affectionate and imaginative

He always has ideas

Responsible and creative

Picky in his choice of careers

Intelligent but not too smart

Always has the kindest heart

Would fight for me against anyone

Never boring and likes to have fun

He loves animals and mother earth

Find beauty and magic in birth

Has a gentle and tender touch

Likes to talk but not too much

These are some things I'd like to find

In a certain man with whom I'd bind

In soul and heart throughout my life

Who'd be there for me through any strife...

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poetvg's picture

tight poem

Thomas Marks's picture

very good :-).....Good luck finding him