Those Times That Make You Wanna Scream MERCY


Why is life so hard sometimes?

Why do people cry?

Why do people laugh and sing?

Why do people die?

The sun will rise each day, no matter what you think

The sea will continue to rise and fall, and lives will continue to sink

I suppose there's dark humor in it

This ironic world of ours

So just stay here a moment,

and think with me as you sit

Why do you get hungry

Why do we grow old

Why do you get hot in summer

And in winter you get cold

Are there answers to any of these

Beyond those scientific minds

Is there a God watching from above

Or is all we have what we find

Are all these things not maddening?

All these questions to life

Why are there so many people who suffer

Why is there so much heartache and strife

But there's also happiness with certain turns

Those special things that make your heart burn.

If only they were easier to find

I'm sure you'd all agree

That life would be much more pleasant

And the overflow of joy in life would certainly be

In every glance in every breath

In every birth and every death

So think with me a little longer

And perhaps you'll get my point

With unity the heart gets stronger

And we'd be much happier if we all joint

Hand in hand we could walk along

And maybe we'd find peace

And maybe we could all give love, and all hatred would cease

Yes I know that some days are extremely bad

And they make you want to cry

I know that many things make you sad

But you still do not have to lie

And don't think I don't see you

I know you each have lied before

What the hell am I rambling about?

I forgot...I'll just shut up and close the stupid door.

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Look for the answers in the questions