Aishite mo ii kai?


Will you let me love?  

Let me hold you near?

Will you let me whisper how to me you are so dear?

Could I hold your hand?

Say that you're the best?

Kiss your lips so softly?

Be with you till my final rest?

May I love?

Please tell me.

I wish you would agree.

You have no idea how special you really are to me.

Do you love me back my dear?

Or do I love in vain?

Will you look back in my eyes?

And tell me you feel the same?

Aishite mo ii kai?

Or should I not at all?

Could I love you till the day I die?

Or am I simply destined to fall?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

OK...this is possibly the most retarded poem ever written, but oh well.  I don't care.  I'm still tired as i finish this -_-' gimme a break

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Cat Windyk's picture

I think that this is a VERY good poem. Its really sweet. Don't know what else to say except you have to be a lot less modest. This is definately not retarded!=)

Chris Woods's picture

HuH?????? What's the title mean??????

Bruce Pickett's picture

This poem isn't retarded, its alot better than most of the stuff I seen at my school (ie preps trying to be super sugoi poets). Keep up the good work

best regards,