It's the last embrace you'll ever feel

The ending kiss, life's final seal

When all goes black and your soul is free

When everything is clear, the truths yours to see

It's heartbreak to the living, release for those in pain

It can break the strongest person or strengthen the weakest chain

It can happen in an instant, a horrible surprise

The shocking transpiration, no chance for your goodbyes

There's loneliness and sadness, tears and cries of sorrow

You wonder if it'll stop, if you'll feel better tomorrow

But the next day comes and alas, the pain is all still there

Perhaps it would be better, if you never would have cared

You miss them much, I know it, but I cannot stop the pain

And no matter what you do or say, your life will never be the same

They won't be back to hold you, or push away your fears

They'll never hug you tightly, and wipe away your tears

So remember them well as they live with you, and tell them how you feel

Because remember that death could come today, and be their lifes final seal...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The death of a friends father inspired me...may he rest in peace where ever he is.

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nice very nice... Ami Anderson