At times, nobody....


At times when I need comfort, there is no hand for me

At times when I am lonely a friend I do not see

At times when my heart breaks and crumbles, a path I cannot find

I feel as if I'm all alone, a mere stranger left behind

My passion boils within me, I need to let it escape

But all the while I sit here, and my self value I debate

Nobody knows the pain I hold, nobody really cares

Nobody feels my agony, or the way my heart tears

My tears are hot and silent as they fall into my lap

This eternal life that I am in seems nothing more than a trap

I wish that it would end right now I cannot take much more

Nobody ever notices me...crying there on the floor...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok...Umm...I guess I was depressed when I wrote this.  Lol, although I'm pretty sure THAT'S obvious.  I don't really like it though -_-;

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Darlene Brooks's picture

You shouldn't put your poetry down.They really are good.You have such a way with words.

Melinda Hatfield's picture

*Cries* Dee, I feel so mean..... It's a wonderful poem I wish I had your talent! I so wish I ahd your talent! Love ya much! Melly