A Mother


A mother's love holds no limit when looked upon by her child

It's God's greatest gift, Heaven's present, a special call from the wild

In her eyes, and tender touch, a certain truth is told

Her loving arms, and softest words are worth much more than gold

The embrace she gives is safe and warm, a feeling unlike no other

There's a special bond, a secret link that ties you both to each other

The love she has is eternal, and has absolutely no end

She's there when you need her help, she always has a hand to lend

So kiss her cheek and tell her, just how special she really is

Because no matter what you do or say, you are one she always forgives

Take her hand and look into her eyes, and tell her "I love you"

Because no matter what ever happens...those three words are always true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Umm...I was acctually PISSED at my mom when I wrote this, lol...ironic huh?

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Melinda Hatfield's picture

How seet how kind how nice man Dee! YOU BE COOL! Love it like I always do! Lova Ya! Melly