what i have i don't deserve

this beautiful relationship

i shouldn't preserve

it's not for me, i make him sad

he should find another

who makes him glad

he's always there

to make me smile

i'm just too horrible

dispicable, and vile

he deserves better

i know he does

but what should i do

it's me he loves

i want the best

for him and his life

and all i do

is bring heartache and strife

what do i do though

i just can't see

why did this have to

happen to me

i want him happy

but i can't complete

maybe it would be better

if i would just delete

myself from his life

so he could start anew

he deserves so much better

if only he knew

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate being me

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James Mackay's picture

The most undeserving of all is your (probably ott) self doubt. come on, i'm sure you're not that bad. be nice to yourself, enough people will be bad to you in life without bringing yourself down.

by the way, this poem has a nice flow.

peace (and happiness...?)