Of Vampire Phantoms

"In everyone's heart
bottled the blood wine;

Hemoglobins rush
like whims in our eyes.

Never before been
able to fathom

The image of the
vampire phantom!"


"The outdated site takes on its own course,
From the moment it spurted till this time on;
Dreams brood like darkness into the night,
Life remains and forever will be dream-like."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reupdated on 12.23.2019:  I have intended to correct the Author's Notes/Comments by simply reediting "within which transpired" & supplanting it for "which transpired".






Previous unedited version:


An old poem (dating back in 2002) that was part of an artistic effort while putting up a webpage and became a front page welcome message. (b) The latter is another welcome message for yet a succeeding version of a website within which transpired in that specific era.

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one of my favorites
pieces of your works