Dna flows through our veins it makes us who we are,

seperates us from the rest and

We get the best,

 of both worlds, from mother and father

Blue eyes or brown eyes what will it be,

Mine are blue but, you don't know me

I, am the  child that you deny

for you tell people that I am a lie,

That makes you a selfish coward.

You, may have to look in the mirror everyday

but, my mommy looks at my face and  each part of me

 and this is what she sees;

Your fingers, your nose and even your toes

My short little legs, those are yours too

How could you deny me, I am part of you

But, my mom she is true to her word and, keeps your secret

of how I came to be, so that you can live your life and be happy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is unconditional no matter the pain or the hurt, love with all of yourself and you will receive the greatest love ever found....