Work Of God In A Life

God's Sovereignty

Work Of God In A Life


As The Lord works in us spiritually, He also does a work practically,

Not only does He save us friend, but, works out the time we spend,

While In this present life as we live, a spiritual insight, God will give,

Given to all who come to Christ, as God begins to move in their life.


A child of God, through New Birth, God will guide you on this earth,

Now born again into God’s Family, He puts us on a path to eternity,

As God helps with the task at hand, helping us to take a new stand,

In the way we see the issues in life, led by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


Now from above my Lord leads, providing all of my practical needs, 

Now with my eternal destiny sealed, my new life in Christ is revealed,

As God’s Spirit works in my heart, from my former life I must depart,

Being led by The Spirit of Christ, God helps me in a newly found life.


With my heart and mind renewed, God exhibits in me, a new attitude,

One that guides me through the day, as I travel upon the narrow way,

As Christ influences all my thought, real change in my life is wrought,

As I try to honor God with my life, in service to my Lord Jesus Christ.


Spiritually by Christ I was saved, from a life, when lost and depraved,

As He granted me a new life to live, that life to Christ I now fully give,

Reflecting on all for me He’s done, I’m obligated to serve God’s Son,

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has granted to me Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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Work of God in a Life



You certainly have a strong christian religious message to communicate. I liked your poem, but I think you should have included more about the practical way you serve God's son Jesus. A good read and nicely presented poem I think.

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Serving Christ

Thank you for your kind comment, however if you would like to see more about the pratical way I serve Christ, please see other poems in "The Christian's Walk" and/or "Christ And The Cross".

He’s coming very soon as the signs are very clear,

And when that trumpet sounds, we’ll be otta here!

Praise God for our Great Blessed Hope, Who Will

Deliver All Those Who Believe, out of this present