Be Ready

The End Times

Not ready for the rapture my friend; you aren’t ready for the end,
An ending that shall overtake, this entire world, make no mistake,
An ending that’ll shock the world, as God’s Judgment is unfurled,
On a world that has gone awry, from The One Who reigns on high.

The Lord’s Judgment is guaranteed, only the rapture will proceed,
His coming Judgment of every nation, a time of great Tribulation,
Against God the nations rage, so, on the world He turns the page,
The final pages out of prophecy, regarding all the nations destiny.

Those who’ve not feared the Lord, though by grace have endured,
Will see The Lord’s uplifted hand, throughout each and every land,
From God’s Heavenly Habitation, He will surely strike every nation,
All that were opposed to God, will be Judged by Christ’s Iron Rod.

For those in Christ, a different story, as believers shall be in Glory,
For those, Christ has prepared, a place above, and will be spared,
All His Wrath and the desolation, for in the Lord we have salvation,
His Redeemed are on another path, that we shall not see His wrath.

In light of The Word, one can’t afford, to not be found in The Lord,
For when the rapture does take place, that will be the end of grace,
It won’t be a pretty place or time, for those on the earth left behind,
So dear friend believe in Christ, and you will be in the Book of Life.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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The Elect

Only the chosen...this is thief in the night prepared is the Boy Scouts, believe and wait on the Lord, is the Christian perspective of hope, not dread or fear...but joy and celebration! I'm sure that's the heart of this writing - be well - allets