A Nation Under God

What will it be like by next year, in a land where many hold dear,

All under the auspices of man, while governed by a darker plan?

Are steps now being taken, where many today may be forsaken,

When they don’t fall into line, following plans, of a dark design?

Some say, this could never be, in this free land know for liberty!

But, what many do not realize, they’re lead by the Father of Lies,

Using corruption and dark power, causing many hearts to cower,

Hindering the light of the nation, as it neglects God’s Revelation.

Many say God bless our country, but with eyes they cannot see,

Darkness behind boldfaced lies, while employing political guise,

We see a weakening foundation, as men deny God in our nation,

Using His Name as a political tool, as they lead like Satan’s fool.

God knows what’s in man’s heart, as from God they truly depart,

Producing such darkness within, a land being devastated by sin,

But, are men starting to awake, with so much presently at stake?

Or, will freedoms that we cherish, in their darkness, soon perish?

Righteousness will exalt a land, when in God, we take our stand,

As our Lord frustrates the ways, of the wicked in darkened days,

Moving upon men on the right, to shine forth Truth and His Light,

To make our land that we still trod, again, One Nation under God.

(Copyright ©08/2009)

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