Cap And Trade

Cap and Trade sheds some doubt, to what its purpose is all about,

As Cap and Trade with all the facts, is quite obvious exorbitant tax.

We must give to Caesar all that’s his, but is there any more to this?

While proposing we’ll see more, how about business and the poor?

Souls have capped and traded for, life of poverty against the Lord,

Opposing the Truths of God’s Son, Who still rules above everyone,

As they lift up God’s own creation, they mock the God of Salvation,

Lifting higher their own plan’s worth, they say “we must” fix the earth.

Capping their minds from God’s Truth, they traded it for His reproof,

Self exalted, above God in pride, as His Sustaining Power is denied,

Standing tall, haughty and proud, speaking down to the entire crowd,

Legislating a deceptive, empty path, which shall lead to God’s Wrath.

They’ve traded God’s Truth for lies, as Prophetic Truths they despise,

Ignoring that, God, Who created all, won’t just watch His Creation fall,

While earth, alone, He will sustain, without man’s effort, dark and vain,

And in Heaven God laughs at man, lead into derision by Satan’s plan.

God indeed, capped His Creation, with man, now in need of salvation,

Man has traded his need for Him, for a plan tainted with pride and sin,

However, God still waits patiently, for those souls to come to Calvary,

It’s not this earth, but, they are lost; in need of Grace from that Cross.

(Copyright ©04/2009)

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