Pray all are ripe for Truth we speak,

And the Spirit moves on all we seek,

As we share Eternal Truth with them,

This, while we seek to reach all men.

Pray that those men whom we reach,

Will see The Truth in what we preach,

And that they may come to Salvation,

Through sharing of God’s Revelation.

Pray also that those who here us talk,

Will see God’s Truth in our daily walk,

And that they reflect on what we say,

When seeing it, lived out day by day.

Pray that Believers can be that Light,

As the world becomes dark as night,

Like the lighthouse by a roaring sea,

To direct all others towards Eternity.

Friends, let’s pray as we live our life,

That all see not us, but Jesus Christ,

As God uses folks like you and me,

To lead men to the cross of Calvary.

(Copyright ©10/2008)

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This poem just spoke to me so much; I am so in him; please comment on some of my poems and I will keep on doing the same for you. Here is my site; I tried making it my own but in a way it isn't.