Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters


We may, to someone, hand a tract, and never receive anything back,

In the way of thanks or gratitude, while sometimes only their attitude,

Maybe a scoffing gesture or worse, the evil utterance of one’s curse,

Still, upon the waters cast your bread, thinking upon Eternity instead.

All the time and effort we spend, as we reach out to others my friend,

Will not be noticed by everyone, but, the work is for God’s Dear Son,

And God’s impact, we do not know, from the signs others may show,

For the outcome is God’s alone, to give growth to seeds we’ve sown.

All earthly tasks will be meaningless, as we step into an Eternal Bliss,

Knowing that our time upon the earth, will be judged for eternal worth,

And did we live for God’s Kingdom, as Bold Witnesses for The Son?

Pointing those who may still be lost, to the Blood of Calvary’s Cross.

Friend, all vanity shall soon depart, from within every Believer’s heart,

The moment we step into Eternity, and our Savior’s face we shall see,

Until then, for us to be like Christ, we must become a Living Sacrifice,

Giving our lives to Christ, our Lord, with every moment we can afford.

When our bread, on the water is cast, the rewards will for eternity last,

As for our Savior, we do our part, and His Gospel of Truth we impart,

To all those upon this earthly sod, so they can join the family of God,

And enter into His Kingdom above, by embracing His Truth and Love.

(Copyright ©12/2008)

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