All Has Been Done

All the work has been done for us, and all men need to do is trust,

In the finished work God has done, by trusting fully, in God’s Son.

And all that God wants us to be, isn’t accomplished by you or me,

For all is done through the Lord, any vain effort should be ignored.

Jesus Christ sent us His Counselor, One to be with us forevermore,

God’s Holy Spirit, who lives inside, as our strength and inner guide.

We also get Christ’s righteousness, when in Him we place our trust,

A righteousness we can’t acquire, on our own, no matter our desire.

We’re a small part of the story, one ordained by God, for His Glory,

A story of redemption and love, written by The Author of life above,

God and Creator of the universe, reaching down to us on this earth,

Those deceived by sin in Paradise, redeemed by love and sacrifice.

The Love of the Eternal Creator, coming to earth to be man’s Savior,

God instituting an Age of Grace, His way to save Adam’s fallen race.

Sending The Spirit to remove a veil, so all man can spiritually prevail,

With their eyes now open to Calvary, they come to Christ for Victory.

We bring nothing to the Cross, but a sinful nature and spiritual dross,

We come to God humble and meek, with our heart now open to seek,

A new life for God, to be our best, and God’s Spirit does all the rest,

As He guides us in our New Life, together as we Glorify Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©10/2008)

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