All Our Needs

Our need is more than we know, to live this life and to grow,

As we live our lives for God, while living on this earthly sod.

The need we have is for Him, to guide believers from within,

By the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to guide us through all our life.

In times both good and bad, whether a heart’s joyful or sad,

We need The Lord in all we do, so in all He sees us through.

For it is God who’s always there, to reach anytime in prayer,

To lift to Him care or praise, while He guides all of our days.

Yet, if we’re not conscious of, God’s presence and His love,

God reaches down, to His own, from His Everlasting Throne.

But He wants us to be aware, when laden with a load of care,

That He has unlimited Grace, for every trial that we may face.

The need that man has is great, a need many don’t anticipate,

The need for God, found in all, hearts on earth, big and small.

In life men appear in control, but what about the eternal soul?

It’s that inner part of man, which needs to lean on God’s plan.

This is a need that all must see; one that reaches into eternity,

Man’s salvation from The Lord, is the need to not go ignored.

And as this need is met in Him, the Spirit comes to live within,

To help us with daily needs, as to Heaven our souls He leads.

(Copyright ©04/2008)

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