Avoiding The Weeds

Come out from among the strife, unto The Savior, Jesus Christ,

From the weeds of worldliness, unto the Son of Righteousness;

Out from a world of dark despair, into The Lord’s love and care,

From a world of darkened blight, into The Lord’s Glorious Light.

Around us is such pain and strife, in this world, where sin is rife,

With many hindered by the weeds, as they attend to their needs,

Providing for the family’s care, they find temptation everywhere,

So in the darkness of the night, we truly need The Savior’s Light.

Weeds surround us in many ways, as we live life in darker days,

Even finding their way inside, The Church, for whom Jesus died,

Into the Church of Jesus Christ, His people, bought with a price,

As darkness finds its way within, the Body, God saved from sin.

In an increasingly darkened time, by our Lord God’s own design,

He is our Strength and a Tower, for believers to flee to any hour;

To this Tower the Righteous flee, Believers, just like you and me,

In this Tower strength is found, for us to stand on higher ground.

As God’s Truth a soul heeds, the man of God avoids the weeds,

With freedom in Christ our Lord, while the weeds can go ignored,

With our Savior right by our side, in Christ’s Spirit we shall abide,

To live daily, in the Light of God, led by our Lord’s staff and rod.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Bob Gotti, as I sit reading your poem....Once again the truth of life is revealed to me...eyes become misty..
A heart gets a lump inside....I realize a truth has been spoken by you.....I have enjoyed your poem so much...thanks for sharing...Avoiding the Weeds is a must...So well written...