Afforded By God’s Transaction

God's Sovereignty

Afforded in a transaction by God, on and beyond the earthly sod,

To everyone who believes by faith, to accept God’s Gift of Grace,

As a new life begins on this earth, through the power of New Birth,

A journey, when it starts my friend, in God’s Plan will have no end.

Believers who join God’s Family, will be equipped to live eternally,

Equipped beyond this mortal life, through the Savior Jesus Christ.

They become sealed in God’s Grace, at any time and in any place,

Sealed by His Spirit from above, all through God’s Amazing Love,

After in God we place our trust, our Lord sustains every one of us,

As believers live out this earthly life, through all trials and all strife,

He cares for each and every need, as we follow The Savior’s lead,

Guiding believers in Godly ways, as Christ fills our life with praise.

Within the power of Christ alone, we have access to God’s Throne,

Through our Lord’s gift of prayer, we raise to God every daily care,

The access to The Lord we gain, helps us through our darkest pain,

As we share our pain and strife, directly with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

After the life we live down here, we’ll be lifted above earth’s sphere,

To a home granted by Jesus Christ; our place with Him in Paradise,

In bodies we’ve yet to know or see, to live alongside God eternally,

As an unending life God will afford, to all who know Christ as Lord.

(Copyright ©03/2009)

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rosalind's picture

Bob, splendid work and beautiful will your feet be even as you have published,let blind see and let the deaf hear.success.