Abundant Fruit

Fruit abounds when Christians abide, from their hearts deep inside,

When they abide in the True Vine, within God’s purpose and design.

The Vine of course is Jesus Christ, God’s only source of all New Life,

And an abundant life God will give, when in Christ we choose to live.

Abundant fruit The Lord sows within, the heart of all who live for Him,

Led by God’s Peace and Grace, as The Father shines upon our face.

All fruit of peace, joy and love, comes down from The Lord up above,

Who moves upon our ways in life, to draw other men to Jesus Christ.

Good fruit produced by The Lord, is used by The Spirit to open doors,

Doors which God helps us through, as The Spirit works in me and you.

This as the Fruit of The Spirit friend, works towards a much larger end,

Who ministers through both you and me, bearing fruit for all of Eternity.

This fruit not only gives us peace, but helps God’s Church to increase,

Not only does He change our hearts, The Good News, He too imparts.

The Spirit helps believers to discern, God’s Living Word as they learn,

Bearing fruit in our lives to show, others The Lord we’ve come to know.

As God’s will becomes our own, through abundant fruit that has grown,

For every branch growing in The Vine, will bear fruit in God’s own time.

God desires to give abundant life, to all who truly abide in Jesus Christ,

Using fruit placed in you and me, to lead others to the Vine of Eternity.

(Copyright ©11/2006)

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