Witness of My Wife

The Truth of God I came to see, through the wife who married me,

A Truth from God I did not know, is that The Lord had loved me so.

The Lord died as a sinless sacrifice, to pay for me sin’s awful price.

Jesus Christ had died in my place, saving me totally by His Grace,

And in the light of God’s Grace, It’s Jesus Christ I need to embrace.

Although I had grown up religiously, I did not know He died for me.

There was the God that I knew of, but I didn’t know about His Love,

As a child I was told all was well, and that I’d go to Heaven not Hell,

But that was simply an ignorant lie, for without Jesus I’d have to die.

For apart from the Blood of Christ, I face eternal death instead of life.

My wife put the spark deep inside, my heart, about why Christ died.

It was God who moved my heart, which allowed Truth inside to start.

As the words my wife was speaking, was truth my heart was seeking.

The words that came from my wife, were God’s Truth of Eternal Life.

God had moved me with His Spirit, applying Truth as I would hear it.

Although much of this I had heard, I personally never read His Word.

And as God’s Truth I began to heed, His Living Word I began to read.

I had read about the Book of Life; a book to be read by Jesus Christ,

It would have the name of everyone, who believed in God’s only Son.

Ever since I believed in His Name, my life has never been the same.

The very moment that I had believed, His Holy Spirit I then received.

I had heard of Heaven and of Hell, but not the way Christ would tell,

As He explained through His Word, Truths which I had never heard.

And although I was once deceived, The Truth of God I now believed.

And it was the witness of my wife, that led this sinner to Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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honey811's picture

This spoke winderfully to my heart, and to am eing to see this in this truth, Well written. In God We trust by the son He Sent Us.