Veil of Death

The Word of God

Death for believers is but a veil, for through Christ we will prevail,

For we may die upon this earth, but live the promise of new birth.

After this life and much travail, we slip through a mysterious veil,

Into the presence of God’s Throne, through no efforts of our own.

For a brief moment we may sleep, but as we awake we will reap,

Reap from God an Eternal Life, and all due to the work of Christ.

When we sleep in Christ we wake; because He died for our sake.

Though Christ died now He lives, and Eternal Life to us He gives.

Death although it may come, has been swallowed up by The Son,

Through His victory on the cross, where Christ died for all the lost.

Now not only have we been found, but in Him new life will abound,

A life that starts upon this earth, when we experience a New Birth.

Life may begin here my friend, but a new life in Christ has no end,

As we enter what seems as death, we breathe in Heaven’s breath.

We’ll leave behind all that’s frail, as we briefly slip through the veil,

As we enter into God’s Paradise, to live forever with Jesus Christ.

We’ll leave the bodies that have died, and get new bodies glorified,

We will live an eternity with Him, in God’s Paradise that has no sin,

This could be the reason why; precious is the death, in God’s eyes,

Of all the saints He calls His own, as they enter their Eternal Home.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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very nicely written and quite inspiring i must say. a new perspective, that God views death as something good. never thought about it that way.