Love Not Judge

God's Sovereignty

The Lord wants not to judge us; God simply desires to love us.
He sent His Son for you and me, to a bloody hill called Calvary.
God had sent Jesus to that cross, for sinful men who were lost,
Where Jesus Christ died for all, taking the judgment for our fall.

He wants not to take your life, but give you one in Jesus Christ,
Who didn’t come to punish you, but to give you a life that’s new.
The reason why Christ was sent, was to receive our punishment.
On the cross Christ’s punishment, was in place of our judgment.

The Lord above is a Loving God, but His justice demands a rod,
One against the darkness of sin, and all enemies opposing Him.
Christ left His Eternal Light, to oppose the darkness of the night.
Christ had died for you and me, for us to live with God eternally.

It was God who loved us first, and in Christ offered us New Birth,
When we were but sinful dust, He had sent His Son to die for us.
And through His Son Jesus Christ, sinners go from death to life,
For at the time that God sent Him, we were still dead in our sin.

God will save you from all your sin, if you will only let Christ in,
If you let Christ into your heart, you will have a brand new start.
Then you will not fear His Rod, when you make Him your God,
You will instead reign with Him, when He judges death and sin.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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