That Old Rugged Cross

That cross so simple in design, spans throughout all of time.

As simple as that cross may be, it reaches well into eternity.

A wooden beam upon a tree, lifted high on Mount Calvary.

For all the saints of the past, it capped a hope that will last.

As that hope they waited for, was fulfilled through our Lord.

For the saints of latter years, it would conquer all our fears,

As death was swallowed in victory, on that cross at Calvary.

Today the cross of Jesus Christ, can grant victory to any life.

From that single horrific place, God began this age of Grace.

While many were dismayed, the Love of God was displayed.

By God, Christ was shunned, as wrath was sent on His Son.

Wrath meant for you and me, which was poured at Calvary.

God’s own Son bearing disgrace; a sinless lamb in our place.

In agony Christ was seized, until God’s anger was appeased,

As Christ paid the ultimate price, becoming for all a sacrifice.

He died and bled on the cross, washing away our sinful dross.

The sinless man bearing the cost, to bring to God, sinners lost.

And all who come to Jesus Christ, by the cross gain New Life,

As that bloody cross of Calvary, leads all men towards Eternity.

That rugged, yet simple design, has truly stood the test of time.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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