Information To Share


Information we need to share, showing men how much Christ cared.

To share with them just how and why, for all men, Christ Jesus died.

We need to introduce God’s Word, to many who have never heard,

The saving Truth of Jesus Christ, and how they can have New Life.

Men will make the decision friend, where in eternity they will spend.

In different ways men comprehend, the existence of God my friend.

But we are watchmen on the wall, with God’s truth about man’s fall.

About the One and Only Savior, our Lord and God and our Creator.

We need to lead men to The Book, so they can open to take a look,

At the pages of words and lines, that can change hearts and minds.

The Bible is to us God’s revelation, of God’s Truth for every nation.

Friend any book can indeed inform, but only the Bible will transform.

The Word will transform any life, through the power of Jesus Christ.

The only true book of information, that leads by Grace to Salvation.

True Salvation is a Gift from God, not earned by the deeds you log.

This Holy Book conveyed by men, was authored by The Spirit friend.

The Holy Spirit moved upon men, filling their thoughts and their pens.

This book leads you to the cross, God’s place of comfort for the lost,

Where you see God’s Sacrifice; the Lamb of God who paid the price,

As a ransom, His life He did give, so that sinners could eternally live.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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