Heaven Is Awaiting

The Word of God

Yes, Heaven is awaiting me, where my Lord, I know I’ll see,

When I leave this earthly life, to be greeted by Jesus Christ.

Whether through a veil of death, when I take my last breath,

Or in the twinkling of an eye, when I am raptured to the sky.

For in Christ I know my friend, this life earthly is not my end.

For this is a temporal place, where we find the Lord’s Grace,

We’re given by God, eyes to see, after this life is an eternity,

Using then the Spirit’s lead, He helps us recognize our need.

With God’s Word of Revelation, He opens eyes to salvation,

And lead by The Holy Spirit, He opens all hearts who hear it.

When in God we put our trust, He makes room above for us,

As Christ has an eternal home, for all The Lord calls His own,

Prepared without human hands, well above the earthly lands.

Rooms that’ll eternally endure, built by the hands of our Lord,

Abodes built in Heaven above, prepared by our Savior’s love.

A home lacking nothing at all; gone is the curse from the fall,

Never again a troubled heart; once there we’ll never depart.

No more worries and/or fears, as Jesus wipes away all tears.

This earthly life will be no more, once in Glory with The Lord,

And as this world passes away, in Heaven we’ll forever stay.

(Copyright ©02/2007)

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