An Eternal Source

The Word of God

An Eternal Source

There is one man, Jesus Christ, who is the role model of my life,

My friend, His Word I hide inside, He is my shield and my guide.

The never ending source for me, of what through God I can be.

It is The Word of God of course, that Living and Eternal source.

Inspiring men through the ages, with God’s Wisdom on its pages.

And God’s Eternal Wisdom friend, found in The Bible has no end.

God’s Word began back in Eternity, before this world came to be.

His spoken word, penned by men, is the Bible’s source my friend.

Wisdom from its pages flow, challenging Believers as they grow.

Transforming a heart and mind, while leaving all the past behind.

Directed from the dark of night, through its pages filled with light.

Filling up with the mind of Christ, while preparing for Eternal Life.

To Moses God spoke The Law, to a nation both weak and small.

This Law would point every nation, to Jesus Christ, for salvation.

Christ then spoke to Apostle Paul, instituting Grace over the Law.

Through one man all would fall, but in Christ, there’s Grace for all.

Israel was given the oracles of God, to be led by His staff and rod,

To lead all nations to the place, so they could accept God’s Grace.

Grace has appeared to all men, in a world that stood condemned.

This Grace helps us to live our life, while we wait for Jesus Christ.

Friend God’s Divine Revelation, was spoken to reach every nation,

In the last days through Jesus Christ, to lead all men to Eternal Life.

Forgotten will be the words of men, all earthly wisdom that they pen.

Soon their wisdom God will sever, but God’s Word shall last forever.

(Copyright ©11/2005 Bob Gotti)

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