For Itching Ears

There are men both far and near, preaching what men want to hear,

Mixing subtle lies with the Truth, as they try to undermine our youth.

They actively seek out itching ears, even some in their older years.

And these men stand quite aloof, deceiving many with twisted truth.

They offer them a new deduction, as a means of spiritual seduction.

But their deductions aren’t new at all, for they began back at the fall.

They are nothing but an induction, onto a road of eternal destruction.

Even though these men walk tall, their minds are indeed quite small.

For men with a conscience seared, The Lord we love is not revered.

Bold and arrogant are these men, blasphemers, Christ will condemn.

In their heart, there is no fear, that will change, when Christ appears.

God is not mocked my friend, and swift destruction will be their end.

Allowing these men to have a start, and they will only destroy a heart.

They have taken the way of Cain, empty clouds, which have no rain.

From all Saving Truth, they depart, as they sway the wayward heart.

And they are filled with utter disdain, for Jesus Christ’s Eternal Reign.

They sway youth and old alike, destroying men like a religious Reich.

All Eternal Truth these men pervert, for it is Satan whom they serve.

But the very One that they dislike, will soon return to earth and strike,

They’ll get what they deserve, for them the darkest black is reserved.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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honey811's picture

You speak the knowledge and spoke the truth,
but even in your little mind you don't have the heart
to say thank you to those who read your work and devine, inwhich is the Lord's. I have read alot of the works and asked you question and you never answered me back.
Yet share this profound messages and you still reject those who are listening.
I truelly love what you have written nomatter what.
I know you have the Holy Spirit and in the messages holds truth that's right.
In the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit,
Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.