Darkened Changes

The End Times

A world changed in many ways, creates for men perplexing days.

Gone are the days of a quiet life, in a world that is filled with strife.

With the times so swift and fast, leisure time is a thing of the past.

The more things change friend, the less we seem to comprehend.

As the liberal mindset ensued, culture then became quite skewed.

Pushing the righteous to be hated, the culture then became jaded.

Wearied from all the wicked sin, that a liberal culture allows within.

This Unleashes upon our society, what was once forbidden to be.

They turn what’s wrong into right, embracing dark instead of light.

Morality then ceases my friend, as society veers towards the end.

Amorality is the current trend, and all is good, the wicked contend,

All that is, except for The Lord, who by most men goes on ignored.

Righteousness simply has no place, in a world that opposes Grace,

The Grace that appeared to men, in a world that stood condemned.

Refusing to embrace The Light, preferring instead the dark of night,

Today the world gets darker still, as His righteousness is almost nil.

But as it was with Noah my friend, soon their darkness too will end.

Then the change will be to Light, never again will we see the night.

And all darkness will cease to be, as Christ brings us into Eternity.

Christ then will destroy all blight, as He clothes us in Eternal Light.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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honey811's picture

This was beautiful and totally got the message. Thank you