From Death to Life

Life after this life is done, is only accomplished through The Son,

The Only Son of the Living God, who’s Ruler of the earth we trod.

Life received upon this earth, must be followed by a second birth,

A new birth of a spiritual kind, which affects both heart and mind.

Earthly life is followed by death, apparent after one’s final breath,

As this life on the earth my friend, for everyone will someday end.

Life upon this earth is followed by, an eternal state for all who die,

However, that state is only life, if you, my friend, believe in Christ.

Death is simply a door for those, who believe that Christ truly rose,

That Jesus rose from death’s tomb, to life for us and Satan’s doom.

That door for us to Paradise, was opened through God’s Sacrifice,

When God sent His Son to die, upon Calvary’s cross for you and I.

For Christ came to die on Calvary, so we could live for all eternity,

Though He died, He rose again, offering immortality to mortal men.

On the cross, when it was done, He died sin’s death for everyone,

Christ took the sting out of death, to offer to all men eternal breath.

The door opens to Eternal Light, of Eternal day with no more night,

Only through Christ The Door, can men live with God forevermore.

He is that door no man can close; the door for all God has chose,

To deliver men from death to life, The Lord God sent Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©09/2006

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