God's Creation

God's Sovereignty

God’s tiny creatures are everywhere, on all the lands and in the air.

Everywhere you look there’s proof, of God’s Creation and His Truth.

Various creatures in a wide array, are on this earth and on display.

Placed by God for all men to see, while pointing hearts to eternity.

They are placed by God’s hand, as evidence to help all understand,

That all of creation is of The Lord, and it is a truth, not to be ignored.

As all will stand before The Creator, but do all accept Him as Savior?

The Truth alone will judge all men, as all theories will be condemned.

Men may deny all of God’s Truth, but they will stand without excuse.

For God says through revelation, Truth is stamped on His Creation.

Learned men can not comprehend, real truth, not devised by them.

And God’s Truth stands on its own, and it exists through God alone.

All God’s Truth and eternal design, goes far above the learned mind.

It’s only simple faith that you need, to look at creation and to believe,

That The Eternal God created it all, for man all alone is awfully small.

And the man’s mind is smaller still, that continues to reject God’s will.

God’s existence does not need man, but we were put into God’s plan.

God will continue on, they will see; continue on through all of Eternity.

It’s those who reject God’s Creation, who can’t embrace His Salvation.

But they will understand and will see, that He’s The God of all Eternity.

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