A Firm Foundation

The Word of God

God takes you through His Revelation, to put you on a firm foundation,

He takes you from your shaky ground, to build on The Truth you found.

Many men come from every nation, drawn to Truth through Revelation,

And the Truth that these men found, is The Rock that’s sure and sound.

The Rock my friend is Jesus Christ; He’s a firm foundation for your life.

When you enter through The Door, He sets your footing firm and sure.

Friend, even in the midst of strife, your firm foundation is Jesus Christ.

An Eternal Rock is Christ our Lord; He is firm and steady forevermore.

Christ is more than just salvation, for He is The Light of every nation.

As you travel the world’s night, Christ, my friend, is your guiding light.

Safely guided to your destination, being led by The God of creation.

Christ will bring you through the night, in a way that is sure and right.

When you come to Jesus Christ, you my friend, shall have a surer life.

Indeed, a surer life in any place, leaning upon God’s Awesome Grace.

Filled with the peace of Jesus Christ, as you go through pain and strife,

For at any time and in any place, you friend, can seek The Lord’s face.

Indeed, Christ is a firm foundation, that leads you to Eternal Salvation,

And when you get through this night, you will see God’s Eternal Light.

When in your life The Lord is found, you will be upon Eternal Ground.

So my friend, come to Jesus Christ, and you shall inherit Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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teresa_r's picture

I Love your poems
I have faith in God.

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daaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!! thats good