Searching For a Church?

Probing Questions

After your long and weary search, have you found the perfect church?

A simple church ruled by men; the perfect church you can’t condemn.

Or do they all appear the same, just another building with His Name?

And once inside you’re not sure, if you feel the presence of The Lord.

There’s only one true Church of God, upon this earth that all men trod.

That is The Church of Jesus Christ, and bought by Jesus, with His life.

God’s Church has no denomination, for in Christ is only one Salvation.

His Church has no walls my friend; it has a beginning but has no end.

Christ’s Church began at Pentecost, not for the righteous, but the lost.

His Church is made of sinful men, whom by God were all condemned.

But redeemed with a special price, when His Son became a sacrifice.

Then dipped into a cleansing flood; sinners purified by Christ’s Blood.

Are you looking to men to find, God’s forgiveness and peace of mind?

My friend, are you truly not that sure, where you can go to be secure?

Christ’s first Church had no steeple, and was filled with humble people.

Humble people who gave their life, to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

If you’re still searching for a church, you should end your weary search.

The Church is men like you and me, saved by Christ’s work on Calvary.

Nothing’s been added to the cross, except sinners who once were lost,

Since, they’ve entered in The Door, and now belong to Christ The Lord.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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Robert C Millar's picture

Well, I liked it.

Lloyd Wagoner's picture

I think youve confused "poetry" with "dogma".

James Forry's picture

propagahndi, there are more gods than you are capable of percieving. introspection will tell you the same

wi_grrl's picture

I really like this poem alot. It is written very well. Good work. :)