Any Day

Yes, any day I could leave, to that place He’s prepared for me.

Prepared for me by The Lord, The Son of God in whom I adore.

For, He died for me on that day, preparing for me a better way.

Yes, better way to live my life, that is in The Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ gave His life up for me, this so that I could live eternally.

Jesus died for me a wicked death, so I could have eternal rest.

Rest and a New Life in my Lord, from today through evermore.

And a tomb they placed Him in, where Christ buries all my sin.

It is buried away forevermore; I am totally forgiven by my Lord.

But that is not where He stayed, as Jesus rose from the grave.

Death could not hold Him friend, and He rose as a sign to men.

Jesus had rose from the dead, proving what the Scriptures said,

That He was indeed The Christ, and He came to bring men Life.

And Jesus came for all men, and in Him we are not condemned.

All we need to do my friend, is receive Christ and be Born Again.

And friend, my Lord hasn’t lied, and He’s coming back Glorified.

And if in Jesus you have died, you too, will one day be glorified.

Changed as that trumpet sounds, caught up in Heavenly crowd.

Yes, in the twinkling of an eye, we will be with The Lord on High.

And today could be the day that we go Home with Christ to stay.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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honey811's picture

I to love the Lord Jesus Christ and wrote many pieces of what the Lord has taught through me. Anther awsome piece and all so true.